Create a COMPLETE Grocery List

Your grocery list is the piece of paper that impacts your and your family's health the most on a weekly basis. You are what you eat, and you eat what you buy. Look around the grocery store the next time you're on a grocery shopping trip. How many people have a list? Of those, how good is the list really? Is it a list of healthy foods that will make up a week of complete meals, or a collection of random ideas and items that were depleted over the week? Do the people without a list have a cart full of whole foods, or boxes of unhealthy, pre-packaged meals?

MealMixer is designed to produce grocery shopping lists that put you in complete control. The meals we suggest take into account your diet and taste - but you can change them however necessary. Unlike other sites, we know that one meal does not fit all. Additionally, you can customize your list using our on-hand feature so that you use what you have. Planning breafasts and lunches is up to you, but if you choose to do so it's all on one, complete, grocery shopping list.

The benefit of using MealMixer is that you will not over, under, or impulse buy. This saves your time and money each week. Not only will you see more money in your wallet, but you could see less in the mirror!

More Thyme: 1. more flavorful meals 2. a longer life through better nutrition 3. more time for other important things in your life.

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