MealMixer as a Food Allergy Planner

MealMixer is easy to use as a diet planner for those who suffer from:

MealMixer helps you create custom menus and shopping lists based on your unique food allergies, taste, nutritional needs and time constraints. Feed your family well, manage your food allergies and nutritional needs by quickly and easily planning safe and enjoyable menus. This product is perfect for those who are managing any type of food allergy, Celiac Disease, Autism Spectrum, or ADHD. As with everything in life, planning is essential, and MealMixer makes meal planning as easy as 1-2-3.

Food Allergy Diet Planning in 3 Simple Steps

1Each week we give you a list of entire meals to select from that match your taste, diet and time preferences. You simply select which meals you're in the mood for, and how many you want. You can do this for dinners, lunches and breakfasts.

2If necessary, you can tweak your plan by adding/deleting items, recipes, and snacks; changing serving sizes (for guests or missing family members, etc.). You can also build meals and menus from scratch (which are can be reused). You can also plan/record what you ate, track your weight and waistline, and plan/record your exercise.

3Print your plan. We create a printable plan including a shopping list (you can add items), all of the plan recipes, and the menu for you to follow. The menu also shows the servings you'll eat to stay on your diet and the overall servings for your family needs.

Food Allergy Diet Plans Include...

  • A Custom Menu based on your taste and time preferences, and nutritional information, and meals/items/recipes that avoid your specific food allergies.
  • A Shopping List generated from each recipe on your menu, plus any additional items you need on your list.
  • Tasty recipes nicely formatted for easy reading in the kitchen, and scaled to the number of servings needed to support your diet plan and family size. Average recipe rating by members: 4.7 out of 5! Use and edit our recipes, and import any recipe.
  • Exercise Planning and Tracking

Supported Food Allergens

All Finned FishAlmondAmerican LobsterAsparagus
Atlantic CodAvocadoBaker's YeastBanana
BarleyBeetBlack OliveBrewer's Yeast
CaseinCauliflowerCeleryCheddar Cheese
Cocoa BeanCoffee BeanCommon MushroomCorn
Cottage CheeseCottonseedCow MilkCucumber
DairyDungeness CrabEgg White, ChickenEgg Yolk, Chicken
FilbertFood DyesFood StarchGarlic
Gliadin, WheatGluten, Whole WheatGoat MilkGrapefruit
Green Bell PepperGreen PeaGreen SpinachHalibut
HoneyKidney BeanLettuceLima Bean
Manila ClamMozzarella CheeseMustardOat
OrangeOysterPacific SalmonPeach
Peanut, RunnerPineapplePlumPork
RadishRed SnapperRed TomatoRye
SesameSoleSoy BeanSoy Lecithin / Soybean Oil
SpeltSquashStrawberryString Bean
Sugar CaneSunflowerSweet PotatoTurkey
WalnutWestern ShrimpWheatWhey
White CabbageWhite OnionWhite RiceYellowfin Tuna

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