Chia - The New Superfood?

Posted on November 30, 2009
So, my new blog friend Mizfit, who is into all things fitness (and looks it), turned me on to Chia.   Do check her out for exercise tips and general comraderie of the fit or wanna be fit.  She is normally all into flax, but has lately been singing the praises of Chia.   Yes, it is the same stuff that sprouts into a Chia pet, but no, you cannot just eat yours.

It's an awesome way to get omega-3, but I won't bore you with the wonders of this newly resdiscovered can check it out at Fit Tip Daily if you missed it on Oprah.

I got mine from the nice people at, a family owned business with lots of other goodies like chocolate and dried fruit.

Now, before you get all excited, let me warn you that no matter what anyone says, this is NOT something you can just chew and be done with.  They get gooey in your mouth, think mucilage.  I read lots of articles that say that soaking the seeds will form a gel.  I soaked some for 24 hours and you can see that they did not dissolve.  So I took the stick blender to them.  Still not my idea of edible. 

Maybe I'll sprinkle them on things and grind them for flour.  This gooey batch will go into oatmeal.  Or the disposal...

I'm still going to give it a try.  How long can it take to go through a one pound bag one tablespoon at a time???

Please note that chia pet seeds are not grown as food and not safe to eat!

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