Diabetic Diet

A well managed diet makes living with Diabetes far easier by managing the flow of sugar into the bloodstream and avoiding highs and lows. It can also reduce the amount of medication or the number insulin injections needed to maintain proper blood sugar. MealMixer provides low glycemic dieting options (see glycemic index) so you can moderate and manage your insulin levels.

The main concern of the diabetic diet is finding the correct balance between the food eaten and the medicine taken. A good plan is to keep a food journal (which is what MealMixer does for you) coupled with a testing journal (provided by your physician). This way you will be armed with the information necessary to identify problem areas and continually improve your meal planning to attain the proper sugar balance.

There are different schools of thought for the diabetic diet, a Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan or a Low Fat Diet Plan. Your physician or dietitian should be the one to make this determination, as well as determine your specific diet regimen.

Carbohydrate counting (done by the planner) is essential for the diabetic diet. Although necessary for energy, carbs can quickly break down and dump sugar into the bloodstream which is difficult for diabetics to process since they are insulin deprived. It's very important to carefully balance insulin, carb intake and exercise to maintain optimal levels of glucose in the blood. Varying your nutritional intake too widely from meal to meal causes fluctuations in blood sugar, making it difficult to accurately predict the amount of insulin you require.

Another concern is weight control; you should determine a good weight using our BMI Calculator and Diet Calculator. Being fit has a very positive impact on your body's ability to properly metabolize glucose. MealMixer allows you to factor exercise into your diet through the use of exercise tracking.

Eating balanced healthy meals with the proper number of portions and balance of proteins, fats and carbs will help you assimilate the sugar from your food more evenly. With your diet properly managed, your need for insulin or medication could be lessened, and in some cases eliminated.

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