Diabetic Diet Planner

Diabetics can now rest easier knowing there's an easy-to-use online diabetic diet planner to keep you on track with managing your diabetes and any weight loss needs you may have.

MealMixer not only puts you on whatever weight loss track you like, using any number of easy to follow diets, but it also answers the daily question "What's for dinner? (and lunch and breakfast)" for your family. It's a simple, effective and fun way to plan and track your diet.

Use MealMixer to plan a week’s worth of meals and a complete grocery shopping list so you only need to make one trip to the store. Refer to your plan (menu and recipes) every day knowing that you have everything on hand to prepare great meals for your family, that help to keep your blood sugar in a normal range.

Use Simple or Special Meals to Manage Your Diabetes

MealMixer Dieter was designed for every taste and cooking style. Over the years we've served tens of thousands of dieters (and their families too) looking to lose weight. We've done this by offering a wide variety of recipes and meals - from everyday to special occasions. Our staff and community of members continues to evolve our recipe and meal collection to assure that you get the best meals available for your health, weight loss goals, and your family, all at the same time.

Diabetic Diet Planning in 3 Easy Steps

1Each week MealMixer gives you a list of complete meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to select from that match your diabetic diet plan, taste and time preferences. You'll select the meals you're in the mood for, and how many servings you need (we default to your family size and scale the recipes/meals accordingly).

2 If necessary, you can change your plan with the click of your mouse and add/delete items, recipes, and snacks; change serving sizes (for guests, parties, absent family members, etc.). As you do this MealMixer tracks your dietary intake against your diet goals, and lets you know when you're outside of your weight loss goals. You can also build meals and menus from scratch (which are archived for re-use).

3Print your meal plan. We create a printable plan including a customizable shopping list, all of the plan recipes, and the menu for you to follow. The menu also shows the servings you will eat for your diet, and the overall servings your family needs. Plus, the recipes are scaled to the number of servings you need to serve at each meal.

What You Get

  • Menus automatically made for your taste, time, mood, and family size
  • Grocery list made for you
  • Low Fat Diet, Low Carb Diet, Low Calorie Diet, Balanced Diet, Custom Diet
  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Weight and Waistline Tracker
  • 15,000+ Recipes and great meal suggestions every week
  • Recipe Import and Editing
  • Personal and Community Recipe Boxes
  • Import food Items / Ingredients
  • Automatic Recipe Scaling
  • English or Metric Measure
  • Menu Re-use (Copy any past meals to future weeks)
  • Recipe Comment and Ratings
  • Ad-free MealMixer e-magazine
  • Online Support

Your Plans Include...

  • A custom weekly diet plan and menu based on your taste, diet, and time preferences
  • Shopping List generated from each recipe on your menu, plus any additional items you need on your list.
  • Delicious recipes nicely formatted for easy reading in the kitchen, and scaled to the number of servings needed to support your diet plan and family size. Average recipe rating by members: 4.7 out of 5! Use and edit our recipes, and import any recipe.

Find out more about complete printed meal plans and diet plans.

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